"I really wish we'd done it first time round...we found it a million times more useful than NCT"

Amy & Mark

The course was brilliant - informative in terms of tools and knowledge about the birthing process. Having very much taken an ignorance is bliss approach to thinking about my labour in a few short months, Laura’s guidance has given me the confidence to face it front on and I truly believe we can have a positive birth experience, even in the face of anything that might not be in our plan. I'm genuinely a bit sad we haven't got any more sessions to look forward to!!

Vikki & Chris

Invaluable knowledge about labour and birth, but also the necessary tools to have an empowered and positive pregnancy. As a practicing midwife Laura is great at explaining both the theory and practicalities of having a baby, but also shares useful insights about the maternity system and relationship between different medical professionals - something we found so useful when our own birth plan took a rather different course! We had such a positive birth experience and I wholeheartedly put it down to Laura’s expert guidance and support - I cannot recommend this course enough to expectant parents!

Liz & Jake

Hypnobirthing in Weston-Super-Mare

What is hypnobirthing?

First things first - hypnobirthing is not a method of pain relief! This is a common misconception but whilst the techniques you learn with hypnobirthing will certainly stack the odds in favour of a smoother and more comfortable labour, a good course should actually provide you with a FULL antenatal education PLUS a lot, lot more...

Hypnobirthing is a tried, tested & highly effective way of preparing for birth, which is firmly grounded in the physiology of what happens in your body during labour & the ways in which your thoughts, anxieties & mindset directly impact that physiology. It highlights the ways the birth process can be either helped or hindered by what's happening in the mind, and provides you with simple techniques & tools to ensure you can work with your body rather than against it - this is golden information if, like most expectant mums, you are feeling a little apprehensive about what's to come!

So, what is hypnobirthing with Little Passengers?

Our course will provide you with the powerful knowledge and tools to let go of any fears or anxieties you have about birth, and instead focus on building positivity and confidence, allowing you to actually get EXCITED about the birth of your baby! You'll find no false promises of the 'perfect birth'...just our real & honest insights & experience as midwives that will change your perceptions of birth from the painful, unmanageable ordeal that everyone tends to expect, to the calm and empowering experience that birth should be, however birth happens.


We will teach you birth-changing skills including deep relaxation and breathing techniques, alongside a sound knowledge of labour and birth physiology, your choices about your care & physical preparation. Not only this, but we'll teach your birth partner what they can do every step of the way to make this pregnancy and birth an incredible team effort. Let's get you both on exactly the same page & make sure there's no helpless 'spare part' stressing in your birth room!


Far from only being a bunch of techniques to use on the day of birth, our hypnobirthing course provides EVERYTHING you need to know! The course is made up of lots of logical, simple, practical elements, which together will make a HUGE difference to how calm, relaxed and in control you feel during pregnancy and birth.


So, despite the dodgy name 'Hypnobirthing', there's nothing airy fairy here. Just really simple, logical and evidence-based stuff, underpinned by the science of birthing hormones & uterine muscles. Strictly no pendulum swinging or vagina whispering! You only get to birth this baby once and it should be a life-changing experience for the right reasons! Let us share with you the ability to relax & enjoy birth, no matter which planned or unexpected directions your birth journey takes you in...

Group courses are a fantastic way to meet other like-minded parents-to-be and provide the opportunity to learn from their questions and exchange ideas. At Little Passengers group sizes vary according to demand - they are kept small enough to ensure tuition is personal but large enough to be sociable (usually somewhere between 3-6 couples)

Courses are taught in either 4 evening sessions or 2 weekend days. In either format, you receive the same full content & expert hypnobirthing tuition, with time for breaks.

Find a Course...

Take a look at all our upcoming course dates, locations and times to find one that suits you. Courses are very popular - secure your place early to avoid disappointment!

Interested in a private course, completely tailored to you?

Find a Course...

Take a look at all our upcoming course dates, locations and times to find one that suits you. Courses are very popular - secure your place early to avoid disappointment!

Asides from EVERYTHING you need to know to feel prepared, confident and excited about your birth...What else is Included?

  • A 64-page bespoke Little Passengers Parent's Workbook to support your learning and guide your practice at home
  • Little Passengers Hypnobirthing MP3 downloads with instructions – a set of beautiful, down-to-earth audios, uniquely recorded in my super-relaxing voice (I’m told!). You will be given access to these when you secure a place on a course so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of hypnobirthing straight away!
  • A welcome bag containing carefully selected items to support your hypnobirthing journey (all course materials will be posted out to you if you are attending via Zoom)
  • Access to a closed Facebook Group set up just for you & your course-mates, to start building your parent-to-be tribe. This group will be used as an invaluable resource between the teaching sessions to provide you all with additional info, signposting, bonus video modules, and little challenges to inspire and motivate you and build upon what you’ve learnt in your sessions
  • Refreshments and light snacks during the course if in-person
  • Unmatched access to the vast knowledge & experience of midwives who have cared for hundreds of hypnobirthing women in labour...including email support up until your baby arrives!

Invaluable Techniques

  • Hypnobirthing Breathing Techniques
  • Deep relaxation
  • Visualisation
  • Tools to release fear and build confidence
  • Magical birth partner massage for relaxation & comfort

Vital Knowledge

  • How your body is designed to give birth smoothly and comfortably
  • Understanding of how the mind and body work together & how you can help birth rather than hinder it
  • Physiology of pregnancy & the stages of labour
  • How your partner can be your own personal superhero through ALL of it
  • How the maternity care system works, and how to work with it to achieve the best outcome for you
  • How to make safe, but personalised informed decisions
  • How to adapt positively to a change of plan - our hypnobirthing is for ALL births!
  • Writing your birth plan
  • A simple hypnobirthing practice regime to support you at home

Sounds good? Find a course....

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