Planned Caesarean

Invaluable, expert-led preparation for your calm planned caesarean

Did you know that a caesarean birth can be just as magical and special as any other type of birth?! Or that you actually have loads of choice around the things that happen during a caesarean to make it a really personalised and positive start to life with your new baby? Did you know that the powerful tools that we teach on our regular hypnobirthing courses, for relaxation, reducing anxiety and making informed decisions, are invaluable for every single birth - including caesareans?! Just imagine walking into theatre feeling confident, positive and supported, with the ability to relax on demand & just enjoy meeting your baby...


If you have decided to have a planned caesarean birth, whatever the reason for it you might be understandably feeling a little anxious. Having a caesarean (especially for the first time), is completely unfamiliar territory and can feel very daunting. The idea of being awake during a major surgery can be very nerve-wracking for some, or the feeling of not being able to move or be in control. Or, you may be someone who has had a previous experience that is affecting how you feel about this upcoming birth?


You might be feeling ecstatic to have been able to choose a caesarean birth and want to discover ways to make it a truly awesome & memorable event....or you might be someone feeling disappointed at the loss of the vaginal birth you had originally hoped for, seeking ways to still have a truly awesome & memorable experience....  


Whatever your reasons are for landing on this page, what better way to prepare for this precious, life-changing event than having a local midwife who is regularly in theatre facilitating caesarean births taking you through each & every step?! You can't beat having in-depth, accurate knowledge & expertise on your side to help you & your birth partner feel absolutely ready...

This unique 3 hour workshop is delivered 1-2-1 either in-person at your own home (£120) or via Zoom with course materials posted out to you (£99). So, whatever your individual circumstances in pregnancy, your birth preparation can be tailored & made completely relevant to your needs...Sounds good? Just keep scrolling down to find out what's included & enquire today!

Asides from EVERYTHING you need to know to get prepared, confident and excited about your planned caesarean birth...What else is included?

  • A comprehensive set of handouts to support your learning and guide your practice at home
  • Little Passengers MP3 downloads with instructions – a set of beautiful, down-to-earth audios, designed specifically for planned caesarean birth. You will be given access to these when you book your workshop so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of Hypnobirthing straight away!
  • Signposting to further invaluable resources to provide you with additional info, inspire and motivate you and build upon what you’ve learnt in your workshop
  • A goody bag containing carefully selected items to support your Calm Caesarean journey
  • Email support until the end of your pregnancy

We have limited availability each month for private courses & workshops, so get in touch today to get the ball rolling!

Invaluable Techniques

  • Hypnobirthing Breathing Techniques
  • Deep relaxation
  • Visualisation
  • Tools to release fear and build confidence
  • Magical birth partner massage for relaxation & comfort
planned caesarean

Vital Knowledge

  • The importance of a positive mindset & how to build one
  • How hypnobirthing techniques work so well to calm the mind & relax the body (both during pregnancy & on the day of your caesarean)
  • The practical side of what happens on the day of your planned caesarean (what to expect from being prepped, care in theatre, who will be there & what their roles are)
  • Planning your calm caesarean - exploring the choices you have for before, during and immediately after your baby's birth
  • How to have a more personalised & gentle experience
  • Your recovery following your caesarean
  • How your birth partner can best support you in all this & be involved every step of the way

Why not add-on a Newborn Baby Care Workshop?

Having a planned c-section at St Michael's Hospital, Bristol?

It is so valuable to be familiar with the place you will be having your planned caesarean and the processes involved. Asides from letting us fill you in on exactly what choices you have to really personalise your birth experience, click the button below to check out this useful video to give you some insight into what happens when you have a planned c-section at St Michael's Hospital. 

If you are having a planned c-section at Southmead hospital you can click here to watch their informative video.     

These are great videos for getting a feel for the routine care you might expect and to get a glimpse inside the obstetric theatres, which are not available to view on tours of the facilities - don't worry though, we will be able to provide a wealth of insider detail on having both a safe & individualised caesarean birth during your bespoke workshop!