Baby swaddled and asleep as example of newborn baby care

Prepare for life after birth with our Newborn Baby Care Workshop

Perhaps you want to book one of our award-winning antenatal courses, but you’re worried you’ll also have to book NCT to learn how to look after your baby?! Well, there’s good news…and then there’s great news! The good news is, on our birth preparation courses we go into really valuable depth to ensure you have the best understanding of how you can stack the odds in favour of a positive, empowered birth experience.


There’s no substitute for starting life as a new family in a happy, relaxed way, primed for bonding together and ready to embrace what’s ahead! For there to be enough detail on everything, we’ve found it impossible to squeeze newborn baby care & 4th trimester info into the main course sessions too! The great news is that for this reason (and because some couples may be second-time parents who have different needs when it comes to baby info), we offer a 2.5 hour add-on workshop for those who want to opt for it!


This fantastic workshop is not just a nappy-changing 101, but is carefully designed to ease the transition that both you & your baby will make in those first few months together, which can be a wonderful but very challenging and exhausting time! It is delivered by either Belinda (midwife, hypnobirthing teacher & mum of three), or Laura (midwife, hypnobirthing teacher & hypnobirthing mum of two) both of whom will have you feeling confident, knowledgeable & well equipped to navigate your adventures into parenthood…

What does the workshop cover?

  • All the essentials of newborn baby care from bathing & skin-care to swaddling!
  • Realistic expectations of what to expect in those early days/weeks/months & strategies to help you through the tough bits
  • Infant feeding (breast/bottle/mixed feeding/expressing)
  • An important topic - baby sleep!
  • Soothing a crying baby
  • Looking after your own wellbeing

This is typically a 1-2-1 session so it can be really tailored to what you need and your circumstances. If you aren’t doing an antenatal course with us but wish to book our newborn baby care workshop, then it can be done as a stand-alone session either in-person at your own home within Bristol or North Somerset (£80) or via Zoom from wherever you are (£65).

If you are booking this alongside one of our Hypnobirthing Courses, Refresher or a Calm Caesarean Workshop then you can benefit from a 15% discount on the above prices by booking this as an add-on!

If more than one couple from your Little Passengers hypnobirthing group have booked the workshop add-on, then during your course we can organise for this to be done together if desired...We can also provide customised quotes if you & a group of friends wish to arrange your own private newborn baby care workshop!

Please note that in-person workshops must be within Bristol or North Somerset areas! Date & time will be mutually arranged following booking...
If booking as an add-on to one of our antenatal courses, your bookings will be matched up so please take care to use the same name on both bookings.


We aim to respond to all bookings within 24hrs