Small group hypnobirthing in Bristol & North Somerset

Realistic & achievable, for you & your birth partner

A group learning hypnobirthing in bristol

Think really carefully before booking onto one of our courses…

…because they come with spectacular side-effects and you will likely end up:

- spending the rest of your pregnancy feeling confident, relaxed and excited to give birth

- remaining calm and in control during labour, even if you’re thrown an unexpected curveball

- transforming your birth partner from clueless ‘spare part’ to your own personal superhero


Here’s a little secret – hypnobirthing is not something you do or a certain way to give birth, it’s a toolkit you use to put yourself at every advantage! It’s knowledge & understanding, building the most valuable mindset, creating your dream team to support you, tools for making good decisions and techniques for ANY eventuality.


Imagine all of this, taught by a local NHS midwife! Hypnobirthing that flows in a simple and understandable way through essential antenatal info including the stages of labour, places you might give birth, the pros and cons of pain relief options...that is one powerful mix!

Want to turn those worries & doubts into calm & confidence? Then it's time to level up your pregnancy & birth experience!

Pregnancy and birth can sometimes come with a plot twist…

I know this because it happened to me, changing my carefully made plans for labour! Like so many hypnobirthing courses, the one I took focused solely on 'ideals', but left me high & dry when things changed. Being a Bristol midwife, with insight into local maternity services, interventions and how I could adapt the hypnobirthing, meant that by the time labour came around I was confident and ready for all possibilities. This played the biggest part in my incredible birth experience, and I realised then there must be a better way for expectant parents to prepare for birth…

Couples practising light touch at hypnobirthing-in-bristol

Ready for anything

I know that like me, you will want to stack the odds in favour of that smooth and comfortable dream birth, but you’ll also feel 100% safer & more confident knowing how to positively handle any challenges that might take you ‘off-plan’

There is a better way to prepare for birth...

Our Complete Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Course will take you far from the traditional, and quite frankly unrealistic, hypnobirthing you’ll find elsewhere! We don’t deal in wishful thinking here, or that unnecessary sense of failure if labour doesn’t follow the textbook.

The Little Passengers ethos is the exact opposite actually.

  • Honest, balanced information, invaluable whatever your birth choices and plans
  • Tools & techniques that are evidence-based, tried, tested and loved
  • Years of experience within the Bristol & surrounding maternity systems bringing REAL & ACCURATE insider insights to help you manage labour pain, feel in control and positively navigate this birth however it unfolds

We know what works! And we know the answers to all your questions...

You will be seriously inspired, but you won’t find yourself being persuaded in your birth choices – we equip you to decide what feels right! You won’t find us promising you a pain-free or intervention-free birth, nobody can do that…but our strategies & knowledge will leave you reassured & confident rather than terrified of the unknowns.

Our passion for keeping a positive birth experience within your reach at all times is what sets us apart from other courses. It's earned us awards for innovation & expertise, and brought in tons of 5-star reviews from very happy clients!

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About me…

Laura Turner Bristol Midwife & hypnobirthing teacher

Hello! I’m Laura and I’m a practising midwife, hypnobirthing mum-of-two and the founder of Little Passengers. I've been where you are now, feeling my way through pregnancy, a little apprehensive & wondering how on earth this baby will come out!


Through my career as a midwife, and my own pregnancies, I’ve become so aware of where & how birth preparation classes fall short…and I want better for you!


I'm not a believer in one ideal way to give birth…Instead, I pride myself on taking a refreshing approach, where having an incredible birth is more about how you FEEL about it, than about how it happens or whether you use any pain relief or need some kind of intervention along the way.

I have a real skill for making birth preparation as realistic, valuable and achievable as possible and that is exactly what I’ve done over the past 6 years. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so nothing less than creating an absolute game-changer of a course was going to do!


I teach group hypnobirthing in Bristol at Windmill Hill City Farm. If you are in North Somerset, then my wonderful colleague Belinda is ready to guide and cheerlead you towards an incredible birth experience, typically holding her groups at Churchill Memorial Hall.

Our hypnobirthing training has been accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, and we are both fully insured to teach.

  • Ready to utterly transform how you’re feeling about labour and birth?
  • Want to learn practical ways to help yourself have as smooth and calm an experience as possible?
  • Is having a strong, clued-up & confident birth partner on your list of must-haves?
  • Want to know how to make induction or caesarean a positive experience should you need them?
  • Keen to meet other like-minded parents-to-be?

Your course will be a real highlight of your pregnancy!

Asides from 10hrs of sociable class time providing EVERYTHING you need to know about birth...What else is included?

  • A 64-page bespoke Little Passengers Parent's Workbook to support your learning and guide your practice at home
  • A set of exclusive Little Passengers Hypnobirthing MP3 audios. You will be given access to these when you secure a place on a course so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of hypnobirthing straight away!
  • A welcome bag containing carefully selected items to support your hypnobirthing journey (all course materials will be posted out to you if you are attending via Zoom)
  • A whole host of additional resources provided between sessions, including signposting, information, bonus video modules, and little challenges to inspire & motivate you - so much added value!
  • Refreshments and light snacks during the course if in-person
  • Unmatched access to the vast knowledge & experience of midwives who have cared for hundreds of hypnobirthing women in labour...including email support up until your baby arrives!

Course Dates & Booking

Group Hypnobirthing in Bristol

Group Hypnobirthing in North Somerset

Why not add-on a Newborn Baby Care Workshop?

15% discount if you're hypnobirthing in Bristol or North Somerset with us!

Online Hypnobirthing

There's no need to miss out on this award-winning, 5* rated course if you are not local, if in-person groups still don't feel like a comfortable option to you...or if you'd simply prefer to stay in your PJ's and attend from the comfort of your own sofa! You are very welcome to attend any of our South Bristol hypnobirthing courses via Zoom, joining the rest of the group online from wherever you are - just book on to your preferred dates below as normal, and then let me know you'll be Zooming in so that I can plan to post your course resources to you...

If you have somewhat unique circumstances and would benefit from a more tailored approach, or just fancy treating yourself to something special, then we also offer 1-2-1 courses in-person or via Zoom too...

Need to know more about our award-winning hypnobirthing in Bristol & North Somerset?

Find out what hypnobirthing with Little Passengers is all about & what you will learn...

We got there at 10.30 and she was born at 12.30! The whole experience was one of unalloyed joy - thanks in no small part to all the incredible resources, confidence and knowledge you gave to us on the course, helping make the whole experience so much less scary, and instead the empowering, life-affirming moment it should be. Little Passenger’s was the single best decision we made in the whole journey.

Fred & Anna

Laura's hypnobirthing course was exactly what I needed to prepare for the birth of our 3rd child. My previous experiences of birth hadn't been great and I was really anxious in the run up this time. I really wish I'd done this course before as it was so much more informative than the other antenatal classes I had done previously. Laura's experience as a midwife is invaluable as she went through all the stages of labour and different paths that birth might take and how you can reframe and deal with these changes.

Laura was really knowledgeable about the whole process and completely put us at ease answering our many questions. The course really highlighted the importance of reading positive birth stories, birth affirmations and practising relaxation techniques and all of these helped me towards having such a positive birth experience this time round. I felt so much better and happier after the birth.

Rosie & Ed

We found this course & the tremendous extra resources invaluable. I was certainly feeling quite anxious about birth before, but can genuinely say I feel much more confident and at ease with what may happen which is a much better feeling to have! My husband feels much clearer on his role and what to expect during the birth as well. Laura really opened up conversations between us about what to expect/ how we would both like things to go & these have really helped him to feel less daunted by it too.

We were a bit torn between doing NCT or hypnobirthing so in the end, did both and I’m so glad we did. Given the choice I would now definitely opt for hypnobirthing over NCT as we found the language in the NCT course quite medical and risk heavy, often feeling like we needed to do one of Laura’s relaxations after an NCT session to try and reset our positive mindsets again!

Tessa & Angus