Tools for calm parenting

(toddlers/young children/older children)

If any of this this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place:

  • Burnt out
  • Touched out
  • On a short fuse
  • Haven’t had an undisturbed night’s sleep for a loooong time
  • Feel guilty for turning into ‘shouty Mum’ too often
  • Always at the bottom of the priority list
  • Overwhelmed and in need of a reset button

Even without a global pandemic and national lockdowns to contend with, I think we can all agree that toddlers and young children can really push you to your limits like nothing else on earth! Whilst they can bring you so much joy, laughter and fierce love, they also come full to the brim with big, overflowing emotions, the need to test boundaries & to control things as they navigate the world around them. And as they get older, the challenges just evolve! Supporting all of this places truly unique demands on mothers and can often lead to our own tough feelings, anxiety, exhaustion and that sense that we have ‘lost touch’ with the person we used to be.

So, this is a calm parenting session like no other...because it's all about YOU! I’m bringing you a fun, practical and interactive workshop designed to help you find some calm in amongst all the chaos and ENJOY THIS PARENTHOOD JOURNEY MORE! You can expect relaxation, guidance through simple strategies, techniques and calming self-hypnosis tools, all delivered with insight & encouragement for you on your unique parenting journey, as well as a shed-load of solidarity (I have 2 high-energy pre-school boys myself!). It can be completed on a 1:1 basis and made as relevant as possible to your current situation and challenges, or look out for group workshop dates to learn alongside other frazzled parents in the same boat...

What’s covered?

  • Rapid techniques for in the moment to calm the mind when overwhelm or negative emotions hit
  • Less immediate, deeper relaxation to reset and bring balance
  • Ways to maximise your rest & feel refreshed, even when sleep is broken
  • Positive self-kindness and mindfulness habits
  • Strategies to increase your confidence and tune into your instincts as a parent

What’s included?

  • Digital handouts to guide your practice at home and help you apply it all in real life
  • A set of beautifully written & recorded MP3 audio tracks, some purely for relaxation and re-energising, others to reinforce the skills and techniques covered in the course
  • A digital set of printables to support positive shifts in your mindset & confidence
  • Email support following the course should you need it

Find Your Calm Group Workshops


A 2 hour Group Workshop with other parents, Live via Zoom
7.30pm - 9.30pm - please select your preferred dates. 

I aim to respond to all bookings within 24hrs

Find Your Calm 1:1 Workshop


2 hour 1:1 Workshop, Live via Zoom on a mutually convenient weekday evening...Date/times will be arranged following booking.

I aim to respond to all bookings within 24hrs