A Postnatal Relaxation Course with a difference...

(newborn to approx. 18months)

Congratulations on the gorgeous new addition to your family!

Whether this is a first baby for you, or your 4th (or more), you’ve come to exactly the right place because this is the postnatal course that every new mum needs! I don’t need to tell you just how bloody HARD this incredible role you’ve taken on can be sometimes…or harp on about the many challenges that you, like the majority of mums, might be finding a little overwhelming right now. You’re living it…you know.

No-one can really prepare you for the intensity of all the highs & lows of motherhood beforehand, but the great news is there are simple ways to look after your emotional health, enhance all those gloriously sweet moments…and handle the tough times positively. Let’s make this time of adjustment as EASY & ENJOYABLE as possible for you.

So, it’s time to prioritise you for once! And you need something a bit more lasting than a weekly yoga class to manage the emotional challenges that mothering a baby can bring. Rather than just providing a snippet of self-care time for yourself, my Calm & Connect course is a postnatal relaxation class like no other with sessions that will keep on giving! During 4 X hour-long sessions, you can expect plenty of relaxation, but also guidance through simple strategies, techniques and calming self-hypnosis tools, all delivered with insight & encouragement for you on your unique journey, as well as a shed-load of solidarity from a mum that knows!

What’s covered?

  • Techniques for maximising your limited rest & feeling refreshed - whether you've only slept a few hours or a few minutes
  • Rapid in-the-moment tools to shake off negative emotions and calm the overwhelm on those difficult days
  • Less immediate, deeper relaxation to reset and bring balance
  • Positive self-kindness and mindfulness habits
  • Strategies for overcoming emotional overload
  • How to feel more in control and confident in your own instincts as a mother

When you are feeling less depleted, more energised, calm & resourceful, you will find the connection and bond with your baby is very naturally deepened…not to mention being able to find & re-connect with yourself as a person in this constantly changing ‘new normal’.

What’s included?

  • Digital handouts to help you apply it all in real life
  • A set of beautifully written & recorded MP3 audio tracks, some purely for relaxation and re-energising, others to reinforce the skills and techniques covered in the course
  • A digital set of printables to support positive shifts in your mindset & confidence
  • A dedicated FB group for you and your course companions, providing support and resources in between the weekly sessions to help you get the most benefit

This is a group course, delivered virtually via Zoom. The sessions are delivered this way since it can be tricky to leave young babies for regular lengths of time. They are scheduled purposefully in the evening so that potentially a partner or other support person can be around to care for your baby (or maybe they will already be in bed – wishful thinking?!). The ideal is for you to be able to attend without your little one around so that you can truly relax, interact & practice the techniques undistracted. Plus, each session ends with a beautiful guided relaxation, so attending in your PJ’s is highly recommended as you will be left totally ready for sinking straight into bed for as much restful sleep as you can grab! **Of course, if you do need to care for your baby/feed/have them in a sling during any session, this is totally FINE!**

Calm & Connect Group Courses


4 X Thurs evening sessions, live via Zoom with other mums

All postnatal relaxation sessions are 8pm - 9pm, please select your preferred dates

I aim to respond to all bookings within 24hrs